Thinking about going to EMC's Data Lake? You may be ready to make the trip sooner than you think.

EMC's Data Lake is a centralized, Hadoop-enabled environment for unstructured and semi-structured data with multiple workloads that lets you run in-place analytics across all data sources simultaneously. Is it the place for you? Answer these questions to find out.

1. How many disparate islands of storage does your full time employee (FTE) manage?

2. For each protocol your critical business applications use, rate their level of necessity.

3. What is your primary workload's data locality requirement?


4. What is the modification frequency for your primary workload?


5. The EMC Data Lake foundation supports all of these enterprise feature sets. Select the ones you require.

6. The EMC Data Lake can simultaneously support all of these distribution models and applications. Select the ones you're interested in.