EMC Data Lake is the perfect place to rid yourself of data worries. Explore all Data Lake has to offer with our many things to do and places to go. Here, you can eliminate storage silos, find more and better ways to work with Hadoop, and enjoy all the benefits that come with the massive scalability of both capacity and performance. EMC Data Lake powered by Intel collects, stores, manages, protects, and analyzes your data. Once you visit Data Lake, you'll never want to leave!
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"EMC helped us to be a leader in genome analysis with the implementation of the agile Scale-out Big Data Platform"
Daewoong Pharmaceutical
"Now our team doesn't spend a lot of time building and updating our Hadoop infrastructure...Isilon gives us what we need to do that"
BAE Systems
"Isilon makes it easy to add capacity as our Big Data assets continue to grow."
Florida Cancer Specialists
"When 4K and 8K arrives, video files will be four to six times bigger than today...with Isilon, we're already prepared to take it on."
Groupe Media TFO
Things to do
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Data Lake Cinema
#2 of 247 things to do in Data Lake

Sit back and watch this must-see video that offers a close-up view of life at Data Lake.

"Better than I expected."
Ashvin            June 19, 2015
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Virtual Visit
#6 of 247 things to do in Data Lake

Make your first visit to Data Lake a virtual one with our digital brochure.

ITGuyIowa            July 7, 2015
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Race to Get Ready
#1 of 247 things to do in Data Lake

Make sure you're all packed and ready to go for your trip to Data Lake.

"A total game-changer."
Hadoopydoo            July 22, 2015
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Places to go
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DL Roadshow
#8 of 654 places to stay in Data Lake

Attend a local event to learn more about the EMC Data Lake Foundation. Chances are there's one near you.

"Data Lake from home. Awesome."
XmanIT4ever            July 29, 2015
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Foundation HQ
#44 of 654 places to stay in Data Lake

Take the plunge with free Isilon & ECS downloads and get the software you need to create a Data Lake Foundation of your own.

"The entire division loved it here."
R2D4_NYC            July 2, 2015
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Analytics Central
#60 of 654 places to stay in Data Lake

Download your own Hadoop Starter Kit including Pivotal, Cloudera, and Hortonworks.

"This place rocks."
Entrprizegrader      August 1, 2015
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Federation FutureBridge
#7 of 654 places to stay in Data Lake

With a Data Lake Foundation in place, crossing the bridge to Federation Business Data Lake is easy.

"Breathtaking views."
API_GUY            July 21, 2015
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